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Cyberawareness for teens

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Cyberbullying is obviously an area of concern to students, parents, schools and anyone else associated with young people.
It is important to keep in mind that cyberbullying is generally an extension of bullying that is already occurring in an individual’s life. Alarmingly, studies show almost one in 5 Australian students are bullied by their peers. Therefore it is essential we equip young people with the skills to not only deal with bullying when it occurs, but also to encourage and develop in them the values and culture of looking out for others.
The Federal and State Government have initiated a number of useful programs, resources and websites, as have private organisations and individuals (see below). However, most of them are targeted at primary-age students and therefore promote parents to take on a substantial supervision and surveillance approach to their child’s internet and mobile use. This is more likely to foster an environment at home of suspicion and distrust. What is needed is “appropriate rules for appropriate maturity”.

Useful websites & resources

Online Safety Resource Guide
Cyber(smart:) for parents - Useful strategies & free resources [Aust government site]
Cyber(smart:) for teens - Links on reporting cyberbullying [Aust government site]
Think u know for teens - Very teen friendly site [Aust Federal Police & UK government].
Victorian School strategies - What schools are doing [Vic Department of Education].

Sue Mclean site - Helpful tips for parents of primary age students.