Year 8 Psychology Curriculum

These freely available resources for this Course was awarded the inaugural Australian Psychological Society Psychology Education Interest Group Education Resource Prize in 2012.

Offered as a semester elective Science subject in select Victorian schools since 2007, this course “Changing thinking changing people” focusses on Social Psychology exploring the Scientific Method, CBT, Identity Formation & Attribution Theory, Normality & Schemas, contemporary forms of communicating & influencing others.

Here are links to: the student workbook for the Course; the Teacher’s Guide with suggested lesson plans for the semester course; how this course meets the VELS Standards; and a PPT Presentation Andrew has delivered at a number of STAVCON sessions on the course.



Student Work samples

Many thanks to the students and their parents for letting me share their work with the world.

Video Introductions – “Tell me what I need to know about you to know you well?”

Audrey – at the start of the course
Audrey – at the end of the course
Lewis – at the start of the course
Lewis – at the end of the course

Life movie – Make a movie about who someone is (who is at least twice your age)

Nathan on his dad

A student’s view – “What I’ve personally got out of this course?”


Empowering life.