Andrew the Psychologist – a free children’s book

Initially written for a five year old, this colourful 20-page book helps children understand what a psychologist does, especially if they are going to see one soon. Download freely either version:

You can use this album to print a hard copy through (if you’re patient enough, 50-70% discount deals come up every now and again). Although I’ve laid one out a photobook in snapfish, they don’t allow me to share that link.

Please note: Although the psychologist featured in this book is male, about 80% of psychologists in Australia are female.

Andrew the psychologist book cover

Andrew the psychologist book cover

A mindfulness colouring-in page: Psychologists can help me be better.

Through a Creative Commons Licence, this book can be remixed by any psychologist with proper attributions.

Click here for more information on how Andrew can help you create a personalised Creative Commons version (similar to below) for you to freely distribute too.

For Counsellors

Some counsellors have said the book largely describes what they do too, so here’s an alternative version titled: “Andrew the Counsellor.” The main difference apart from the colour, is the explanation to parents about counsellors in Australia, how to find a suitably qualified one, and explaining the difference between counsellors and psychologists.

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