Change catalyst

I’m passionate about bringing about change in people’s lives, particularly in their souls, the part of their lives that awakes in nature, that resonates in profound moments, provides comfort in the midst of crisis, that echoes justice, that cries out for connection or finds beauty in unexpected places and moments.

So often we are fooled into thinking that life is just about avoiding (or minimising) work, getting cool stuff, filling in or passing time, or chasing moments of happiness. There is more to life…

As a catalyst, my role is to help accelerate the process of change in your life that may already be occurring. Although I’ve life-coached, mentored, counselled and trained many people in many areas of career and other aspects of life, as a catalyst I don’t come claiming any expertise in your specialist areas, but will help you discover what you need to move forward.

So, if you want someone else to travel alongside this journey of life to assist in the growth of your soul, feel free to get in contact.

Empowering life.