Wedding ceremony - Celebrant

Celebrating life & its diversity

Entries into this life, Maturation markers, Declaring beliefs, Lives entwined, Shared sections of life and Lives remembered are all worth celebrating and highlighting in special ways with others that mean a lot to you.
In a world that likes to package and categorise people, I believe that diversity and people’s individual differences should be appreciated. Life should be lived to the full.
As a marriage celebrant, I will work with you and significant others to ensure whatever ceremony you wish to have to mark a special milestone in your life will embody your unique individuality as well as capture the spirit of the occasion.
So if you’re after Namings, Dedications, Weddings, Commitments, Recommitments, or Funerals Ceremonies suited to your uniqueness, feel free to get in contact and we’ll see what we can achieve together.
All challenges welcome…

For any proposed marriages, a legal form needs to be completed and submitted to myself AT LEAST 4 WEEKS prior to proposed wedding dates.

Empowering life.