About me

I am not what I ought to be, but I am no longer like I used to be. I am a work-in-progress that is usually moving in a forward direction but not always consistently.
On one level, I’m a cynic – humans by their nature tend to be self-focused and usually make poor choices. That’s why there’s so much wrong in the world and we aren’t improving in a hurry. But on another hand, I’m an idealistic dreamer who believes people are capable of amazing greatness when empowered properly. So I’m where I am in life right now and doing what I’m doing because it’s where I can empower people to join in the bigger mission of saving the world.
Now, don’t get the wrong idea about me though. There’s nothing inherently good about me or special about me that makes me better qualified than others to do this. I’m not particularly tall, wear glasses for my short-sightedness, average build, and old enough to realise there are bits of my anatomy that aren’t particularly spectacular and I’m ok with that. I like to think I am fit but I’m not particularly so – though I do have a good metabolism that allows me to generally eat whatever I want without worrying about it. I like to think I’m smart but know there’s lots of people way smarter than me in so many different ways than I. In fact, if it was just up to me, I wouldn’t be trying to do what I’m doing. On my own, there’s no way I could do anything of lasting worth. I’m just another labourer alongside others, working off someone else’s master plan… and boy, is it a glorious plan indeed.
Give up your small ambitions, come and save the world.

Empowering life.