APS Involvement

The Australian Psychological Society (APS) is the peak body for psychologists in Australia and represent over 24,000 members. As a full member since 1997, Andrew values what the APS can do for the profession of psychology, for psychologists and the wider public.

From March 2015 to February 2019, Andrew was the Victorian Representative for the Division of General Psychological Practice (DGPP), the area that the majority of APS psychologists belong to. He was one of three recipients for the APS DGPP Significant Contribution Award 2019 (see below for the profile printed in the APS InPsych June/July 2020 issue).

In June 2020, Andrew was appointed the Convener for the APS The Psychology of Diverse Bodies, Genders and Sexualities Interest Group.


APS DGPP Significant Contribution Award 2019 Profile

Andrew has been an APS member since 1998. Andrew has spent the majority of his career insecure about his capabilities and standing in Australian society, but continually driven by his passion to apply and disseminate the benefits of psychology widely.

Like many DGPP members, Andrew’s broad range of qualifications and experiences across many disciplines allowed him to make significant contributions to the education of psychology in secondary schools, positive sexuality community education, mentoring and leadership development. He works promoting careers in psychology and the provision of counselling and broader promotion of psychoeducation within university and broader populations.

In his role in the DGPP Forum (2015–19), Andrew actively increased transparency of the APS to members to increase member engagement in APS decision-making. Through more active APS involvement, Andrew is confident of his ability to contribute richly to his profession and beyond.

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