Customising “Andrew the Psychologist”

For the cost of one APS recommended 50 minute session fee, I can offer you a customized
PDF version similar to this* with these conditions:

  1. You are a registered psychologist. Please supply your full name as registered with AHPRA.
  2. No additional pages are requested, no more than 3 pages of the wording of pages 2-20
    is altered, and no emojis are changed.
  3. References to the original “Andrew the Psychologist” and authorship are retained.
  4. No requests are made that are out of line with AHPRA’s advertising standards.

Checklist for proceeding

Use the interactive form below to email Andrew your interest. You will need to send a separate email to with any image attachments. 

  1. Your registered full name with AHPRA confirming that you are a registered psychologist
  2. Image of you: To customise front cover & pages 1, 2, 4, 5 & 20. Create your head and shoulders via, download the finished avatar image in “SVG -Vector format” (can only be done on a computer not a mobile device), and attach it with your email. This will be placed on the body template as below (and nominate a colour for the top). ALTERNATIVELY, you supply a high quality/resolution photo/cartoon of yourself (preferably with a plain background) that can be inserted. No image editing will be done by me.
  3. Your name for the character and title of the book.
  4. Chosen background colour of:
    Plum / Lavender / Rouge / Pink / Gold /
    Rose / Red / Dark blue / Blue / Green

  5. [OPTIONAL] Contact details for the back of the book (page 22). You are welcome to include any of the following information:
    [Name, Qualifications, Name of your psychological practice, Address, Phone number, email address, and web address]. 
    A high quality/resolution logo on white background can also be added to the design if supplied.

Once I have completed this customisation, I will send a low resolution preview of 4 pages (front and back covers, page 2, and any other page you nominate) and my payment details (either via PayID, electronic bank transfer, or PayPal).

Once you have confirmed payment, I will send you the final high quality PDF.

If requested, I can also send you a zipped up version of JPEGS for each page. These can be uploaded to an online photo printing service like and compiled into a soft cover or hard cover book you can print on demand.

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For agreed additional costs, further customisations may be possible or a pre-production version for professional printing can be prepared.

*Image by Maria Skrigan on Page 16, has not granted permission yet for distributions of variations of “Andrew the psychologist”

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